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School Division
In the school division, each school in "Ibaraki IT school of business", "CAD School Itok" to make good use of latest IT, and the cram school and the Correspondence high school, etc. has been managed with "Ibaraki pet dog business schools" to boast of the history for 18 years in Mito at the top.
It is thought that it wants to play the role as familiar study facilities where Dane & Kerry can answer various needs while heat in the lifelong study rises.
Moreover, "Asia Animal Academy" is in Ishioka as a group, and the higher education to be able to answer a higher specialty also goes in respect of management of schools.

● Grooming school
  Ibaraki dog business schools (Mito)
● Personal computer system school
  Ibaraki IT school of business (Mito)
  CAD Designer'a school Itok (Ibaraki Mito)
● Correspondence high school
  Japan Wellness high school Ibaraki campus (Mito)
● Cram school
  Nikken academy, Mito Station south classroom

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