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Clubhouse Dane & Kerry is promoting the show dog on a vast site in the Ibaraki Prefecture Omitama city.
A vast site and rich water and beautiful air are indispensable for dogs to do the work of the first class in bleeding boarding handling grooming showing and all. It is The Kennel of Omitama to fill the all.

The Kennel where Great Dane, Kerry Blue Terrier, and poodles live relaxedly. Only this is Dane Kerry's starting point etc.
这里也是,全美No.1的大丹犬(Great Dane)「Berry」的出生之处也培育出欧洲No.1的大丹犬(Great Dane)「Jackey」。
It is “club house Dane & Kerry by no permission of whose follow that cannot be mimicked to nobody.

Great Dane
 D.S.S. King's Ransom Great Dane

Kerry Blue Terrier
 Moving Blue Kerry Blue Terrier