Dane&Kerry Co.,Ltd
Bussiness prospectus

President Sayama of Dane&Kerry Ltd. Propose the new life that live with the pet through a Great Dane top breeder and a top, each handler top groomer, judge in the United States and each country of Europe.

In pet division is managing the trim salon and sales and the production of grooming tools “SUPREME” series for professionals groomer are done.
The school of Ibaraki pet dog business school is started in the school division, and not only the pet but also the school management of a wide genre is developed.
Please see the page in the business proposition in detail.

About corporate name

The Great “Dane” is yearning in early boyhood by president Hitoshi Sayama as known as top breeder of this kind of dogs, and is a dog loves especially all his life.
The “Kerry” Blue Terrier is a dog that decided that it meets in studying in the U.S by the vice president of Yuriko Sayama in Santa Barbara, and does both all one’s lives.